HeArt Reflection + Guidance


A HeArt Reflection is a 10-15 minute personalized healing tool – intuitively created by Myrthe – with poetry, spoken word, healing sounds, music & song.

It is a guide on your healing journey and it is completely attuned to you, your process and a question you submit.

When you order a HeArt Reflection + guidance you will receive a personalized artwork and an extra audio with a comprehensive explanation and Myrthe’s vision and guidance on your question and/or life theme.

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A HeArt Reflection is a 10-15 minute personalized healing tool – intuitively created by Myrthe – with poetry, spoken word, healing sounds, music & song. It is a guide on your journey inwards and it is completely attuned to you, your process and a question you submit.  

It helps with self-awareness and generates self-compassion, warmth, trust, safety, peace and harmony, from which mental, emotional and physical suffering and/or negative childhood experiences or trauma, large or small, conscious or not, can be addressed, acknowledged, felt and healed properly.

A HeArt Reflection will bring you self-love, trust, clarity, healing, acceptance, inspiration, motivation and inner peace. It will help you to release stuck and heavy emotions, overcome fears that are holding you back, and to discover who you truly are.

A HeArt Reflection can be used as often as needed. It is therefore very efficient and it could save you years of psychological and/or emotional struggle and countless expensive talk therapy or coaching sessions.

After your order you will receive your HeArt Reflection from Myrthe with an extra audio with her vision and explanation. She helps you to understand and interpret your HeArt Reflection and how to integrate the information into your daily life.


“I thought the HeArt Reflection was so special and beautiful. She is worth 10000 reviews and 11 stars.

The lyrics and sounds are on point. The journey I make every time I listen to it is beautiful. Sometimes it’s sad, sometimes euphoric, sometimes all shades in between.

1 thing they have in common is that they are touched in my heart and flow from there.

Thanks a lot ✨.”

- Sari


“Dear Myrthe,

I want to thank you for the HeArt Reflection that you have written for me. It touches me deeply. There’s so much wisdom to be found in it.

I would not say it was uplifting, but it was ‘true’, purposeful, loving, calming.

I think it’s very special that you can feel the vulnerability of my heart through a few words that I have shared with you.

I am deeply grateful. The healing power of art… It’s worth more than its weight in gold. And more important than countless conversations with caregivers can be sometimes.

I applaud you sensitive and talented artist <3.

My heart is grateful.”

- Milou




How does Myrthe work?

Myrthe works intuitively and in a Q&A way. This means that she attunes to you and a life theme and/or question you submit and she then creates the HeArt Reflection based on this input using poetry, spoken word, healing sounds, music* and song.

When you order HeArt Reflection + guidance, Myrthe will first create your HeArt Reflection and afterwards she will start to record the extra audio where she shares her vision and guidance with you. She will also give a comprehensive answer to your question if you asked one. You are being invited to first listen to your HeArt Reflection and then listen to the audio with guidance.

*All the music in every HeArt Reflection is made by Myrthe.


How do I listen to a HeArt Reflection?

A HeArt Reflection is best listened with headphones and in a quiet area where you can focus your attention on receiving the transmitted sounds, words, melodies, energy and message(s).

Some more tips & advice:

1. Create a moment of silence for yourself, take a couple of deep breaths, open yourself up and come into a receptive state.

2. You can listen to the artwork more than once. The experience is that every time you listen you will be receptive for different pieces of the art.

3. Be aware that Myrthe uses art and poetry and thus metaphors to guide you. So most of the time don’t take all words literally. Try to understand why she would come up with such images to describe your question, life theme and answers to your question(s), what could it mean? Use your intuition!


Can I order another HeArt Reflection (and/or guidance) if I already received one?

Yes, you most definitely can. You can always apply a new question or life theme. There’s no limit to it.

In which language can I receive the HeArt Reflection (and/or guidance)?

In either English or Dutch or both. Check the box with the language you prefer in the application form.

How do I receive the HeArt Reflection?

You will receive your HeArt Reflection as a Mp3 file via Wetransfer (you will get an email with instructions on how to download the file).

After receiving and downloading the file, it is yours and you can listen to it infinitely.


How long will it take for me to receive my HeArt Reflection + Guidance?

Myrthe strives to create your HeArt Reflection in +/-1 week after your order. When she will be delayed she will let you know through email. Delays may occur when there’s a high amount of orders or due to personal reasons.

Do you have any more questions?

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