Toolkit: Overcoming Fear Of Speaking Up

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This toolkit is designed for everybody who feels ready to finally overcome the fear of speaking up and free their true and authentic voice.

Our Fear of Speaking Up Toolkit consists of 8 of our best healing tools, created by our founder Myrthe Glasbergen MSc., who is a psychologist, coach, intuitive singer & creator. All her tools help you to get into a receptive and investigate state of being from which you can heal blockages, trauma, suppressed emotions and suffering at the root.

Learn why it is so hard for you to speak up, set a boundary or share your truth. Discover to which unprocessed events from your past your fear of speaking up is connected to, and feel the suppressed emotions that are behind it.

This will help you to integrate your lost and wounded parts, and slowly over time create enough emotional tolerance to feel confident to speak up, set a boundary, say no, and express all that is living inside of you fully and freely.

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Here’s What You Will Get

1. Somatic Exercise – Healing Fear of Speaking Up (24 min)
This somatic exercise helps you to take a deep dive inside your body and subconscious mind to discover what is holding you back from speaking your truth and/or expressing yourself authentically, fully and freely. Discover which blockages are on your throat, understand them, listen to them, heal them, feel them and release them. Let the stuck energy in your throat flow again and finally find the courage to express all that is living inside of you!

2. Somatic Exercise – Healing Fear of Setting Boundaries (47 min)
Use this exercise to take a deep dive inside and understand why it is hard for you to set boundaries and/or to speak your truth. Often this can be traced back to negative experiences from your childhood or even intergenerational trauma. Take a deep dive inside, discover what is holding you back (or blocking you), feel the suppressed emotions behind the blockages, heal and integrate your hurt inner parts (inner child), and find the courage inside of you to speak your truth and share your authentic self with the world.

3. Somatic Exercise – Healing Fear of Abandonment / Rejection (32 min)
This somatic exercise helps you to heal and overcome your fear of abandonment. The fear that is almost always holding you back from having fulfilling relationships and creating the dreams that are living inside of you. It helps you to take a deep dive inside your body and subconscious mind to discover where your fear of abandonment is coming from and which unprocessed pain from the past is behind it. It helps you to start with processing this pain from your past, feel it, express it, heal it and integrate it.

4. Somatic Exercise – Overcoming People Pleasing (37 min)
In this somatic exercise you are going to use the (suppressed) emotions that are causing you to people please as an entrance to your past. You will discover when, why and how your people pleasing mechanism was created, and heal and integrate the wounded parts inside of you. The exercise will help you to to reparent yourself and understand what you need in the future to make people pleasing a conscious choice and not an involuntary response anymore.

5. Somatic Exercise – Transforming Anger (30 min)
This somatic exercise helps you to feel, release, heal and integrate the emotion of anger in a healthy and constructive way. Investigate why your anger is here and get to know the message behind it. Learn how to regulate yourself when you feel angry, come back to neutrality, and help yourself transform the energy of anger into something tangible that you can work with.

6. Emotional Inquiry – Guilt (29 min)
This emotional inquiry exercise helps you to dive deeper into the emotion of guilt. Understand why you feel guilty after setting a boundary, sharing a need, expressing your anger, or NOT please anymore. Listen to the message of guilt, find the event from your past that is connected to you feeling (disproportionately) guilty, and heal and integrate it by understanding what it needs.

7. Somatic Exercise – Overcoming Shame (32 min)
In this somatic exercise you will get to know how shame is blocking you in your daily life to express yourself authentically and to create the life you dream of. The exercise takes you all the way back to the first moment that you experienced shame in your life, that day that you decided to never ever feel that feeling again, to suppress it and protect yourself from it. But… by doing that you also suppressed parts of who you truly are, parts that you now so long to express. Parts of you that you have forgotten about because of that. Let’s heal your shame and rediscover who you truly are!

8. Workbook – Fear of speaking up or setting boundaries
This workbook contains a writing exercise that helps you to understand your fear of speaking up or setting boundaries better, and to reflect and review on the exercises from the toolkit. Next to this, it helps you to discover what you need to speak up more and more. 


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