Awakening & Empowerment Healing Journey – Knight of Light (20 min)


Healing Music - Awakening & Empowerment: Knight of Light

by Myrthe Glasbergen | Sample

The knight of light meditation is an intuitively created meditation and piece of art with spoken word and poetry to help you get into a state of relaxation, receptivity, and to help you open your eyes and hearts for the life we are living because of the society we are living in and… how to step out of that and transform it.

Duration of the meditation: 19:52.

Every meditation, visualization, somatic exercise or any other healing tool from Beyond Psychology contains healing music, poetry, spoken word, sounds and song created by our founder Myrthe Glasbergen.

"Step out of the crazy race

the rat race

the matrix

now stop and be the exit

open your heart

and let your heart be a door

to the love and the life force energy

that we need to spread around the globe [...]

Become a knight of light."


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