Purpose & Remembrance Healing Music – Bird Watcher (18 min)

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Healing Music - Purpose & Remembrance: Bird Watcher

by Myrthe Glasbergen | Sample

‘Birdwatcher’ is a healing journey and artwork that captures the essence of life. It helps you to wake up for the beauty of simplicity, for life in all its shapes and forms, and it reminds you of your true nature and purpose: to experience yourself through your own creations and to create heaven on earth!

Duration of the healing artwork: 17:50

All our healing journeys contain spoken word, storytelling, voice healing, music, poetry and song and aim to bring you into a receptive and relaxing state of being from which you can soothe and comfort yourself, feel and heal heavy and stuck emotions, make contact with your intuitive wisdom and your gut feeling, and gain insights about your life and the world at large.

Note from our founder, Myrthe Glasbergen MSc.: "Bird watcher is an artwork that came to me when I was traveling and visiting Sri Lanka in February 2020, just when COVID hit the van. It reminds me of my grandfather who was a bird watcher and who feels very close to me, as a guide. And while I was visiting Sri Lanka we went to a National park and just after sunrise we drove in the park and right next to us there was this huge swamp-like open field, as far as you could see. And there was one tree standing in the swamp-like field, and it had no leaves, only branches. It looked dead. And a bird was sitting on one of the branches. And the view was so breathtaking and so heavenly, it touched my heart so deeply.

I started to cry, because something deep inside of me healed. Watching this bird and this magnificent beauty on earth. I finally understood that all that I was longing for and searching for in my life, was not somewhere outside of me, found in success, recognition, materials, money or some dreamy future. It was just there, watching a bird, sitting on a tree. All that I was looking for was here, in that moment. And that was just it. The simplicity of heaven and beauty, of the earth and of life. Wonderful."

1 review for Purpose & Remembrance Healing Music – Bird Watcher (18 min)

  1. Sarah

    It’s so beautiful! I’ve listened to the recording so many times. Coming to the point of my own journey of realizing I need to be in this moment, to surrender to all that is. Your words bring stillness in me. I hope I can learn to capture the essence of a moment the way you have through my own writing. So thank you for sharing.

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