Emotion Regulation Toolkit


This toolkit helps you to become aware of suppressed emotions inside of you, and to understand, feel, express and regulate them. It helps you to heal from your past, release and integrate suppressed emotions, and to become a free, authentic, empowered human being who feels in control of its own life again.

Our Emotion Regulation Toolkit consists of 8 of our best healing tools for somatic and emotional healing, and are created by our founder Myrthe Glasbergen who is an Occupational Health Psychologist (MSc.), coach, singer & creator.

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Here’s what you will get:

1. Somatic Exercise – Emotion Inquiry – Invite & Express (36 min)

Use this emotional inquiry exercise to take a deep dive inside your body, feel what is present there, where there is tension and listen to what your body wants to tell you. Discover which suppressed emotions are stored there and learn how to express them in a healthy way.

2. Somatic Exercise – Feeling and Healing Suppressed Emotions (28 min)

Use your body and its sensations as an entrance to your subconscious mind and suppressed emotions with this exercise. Discover to what traumatic events from your past are tied to the emotions that you experience in your daily life. Travel back to your past with your body as a guide, and feel, release, heal and integrate your wounds and inner child.

3. Somatic Exercise – Healing Anger (30 min)

This somatic exercise helps you to feel, release, heal and integrate the emotion of anger in a healthy way. Investigate why your anger is here and get to know the message behind it. Learn how to regulate yourself, come back to neutrality, and help yourself mature emotionally.

4. Somatic Exercise – Healing Shame (32 min)

In this somatic exercise you will get to know how shame is blocking you in your daily life to express yourself authentically and to create the life you dream of. The exercise takes you all the way back to the first moment that you experienced shame in your life, that day that you decided to never ever feel that feeling again, to suppress it and protect yourself from it. But… by doing that you also suppressed parts of who you truly are, parts that you now so long to express. Parts of you that you have forgotten about because of that. Let’s heal your shame and rediscover who you truly are!

5. Meditation – Healing Fear – Face Everything And Rise (15 min)

A meditation especially made for you if you experience fear, stress, overstimulation, hypersensitivity or hyper vigilance and you need some relaxation or calm yourself down a little bit so that you can feel the ground beneath your feet again. The meditation helps you to make contact with your body, your belly, and to create the safety inside that you need to feel that all is well, all is fine and you’re going to be ok. It brings you peace, warmth and comfort. it helps you to feel that you’re not alone and that we’re in this together. Let’s Face Everything And Rise.

6. Healing Music – Hope & Grief (16 min)

The healing artwork ‘Hope & Grief’ is an intuitively created meditation and piece of art with spoken word, poetry, music and song to help you get into a state of relaxation and receptivity, and to feel, release and heal stuck emotions such as fear & grief that are holding you back from enjoying the present moment and fulfilling your creative potential.

7. Visualization Exercise – Healing Grief (32 min)

Use this visualization exercise to address all the parts inside of you that feel hurt, stuck, helpless, alone and afraid, and give them the compassion, unconditional love and presence you did not receive as a little child. The exercise helps with grieving all that you did not receive and with addressing your needs and validating them. It helps you to create a sense of safety inside of yourself, soothe the little you and become the present and emotionally mature parent that you so needed while growing up.

8. Somatic Exercise – The 10 Steps of Emotion Regulation (28 min)

This somatic exercise helps you to walk through the 10 steps of emotional regulation. When you feel emotionally dysregulated, experience heavy intense emotions coming up or want to work with suppressed emotions from your past, this exercise is perfect for you!


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