Healing the Inner Child Toolkit

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This toolkit is for everybody who is on a healing journey and feels ready to finally start with healing the inner child or the wounded, lost and hurt parts inside of them.

It consists of 12 of our best healing tools created by our founder Myrthe Glasbergen who is a psychologist (MSc.), coach, intuitive singer & creator.

Free yourself from the burden of external validation seeking, take back your power, learn how to regulate and control your emotions, learn how to reparent and integrate your inner child, and become a free, authentic, inspiring and empowered human being who uses its talents and gifts to make the world a better place!

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Here’s what you will get:

1. Visualization – Meeting the Wounded Inner Child (33 min)

Transform fear and pain into trust and love! Use the ‘meeting the wounded inner child’ visualization and somatic exercise to become aware of and make contact with the wounded parts inside of you. The exercise helps you to acknowledge your wounds, and to feel them, heal them and integrate them.

2. Visualization – Healing the Inner Child: Grief & Unconditional Love (32 min)

Use this visualization exercise to address all the parts inside of you that feel hurt, stuck, helpless, alone and afraid, help them grieve, and give them the compassion, unconditional love and presence they did not receive as a little child. 

3. Visualization – Healing the Inner Child: Reparenting (38 min)

Use this visualization exercise to reparent your inner child, and free yourself from an endless craving for external recognition, validation and love by becoming the parent you so needed while growing up. 

4. Visualization – Rediscover your Dreams (36 min)

Use the rediscover your dreams visualization to get into contact with your heart, intuitive wisdom and inner child (the person you were ‘before life happened’) to (re)discover your dreams, goals and visions for your life. Discover what is holding you back from creating those dreams and remove the blockages!

5. Somatic exercise – Emotion Invitation and Expression (36 min)

Use this emotional inquiry exercise to take a deep dive inside your body, feel what is present there, where there is tension and listen to what your body wants to tell you. Discover which suppressed emotions are stored there and learn how to express them in a healthy way.  

6. Somatic exercise – Feeling & Healing Suppressed Emotions (28 min)

Use your body and its sensations as an entrance to your subconscious mind and suppressed emotions with this exercise. Discover which traumatic events from your past are tied to the emotions that you experience in your daily life. Travel back to your past with your body as a guide, and feel, release, heal and integrate your wounds and inner child.  

7. Nervous System Regulation Meditation – Safe Haven (14 min)

This meditation helps you to regulate your nervous system and create the safety inside your body that you need to relax, surrender and come out of survival mode. It brings you peace, warmth and comfort. 

8. Healing the Mother Wound Meditation – The Mother Tree (29 min)

Start healing the mother wound with this loving, soothing and comforting meditation. Its energy is designed to help you tap into and recreate the most loving, beautiful, warm and soothing mother energy there is: presence, softness, acceptance, safety, warmth, tranquility, patience and forgiveness. 

9. Trust meditation – Love is, or Love is not (20 min)

Let his meditation help you to feel a deep sense of trust in life. Let it help you to broaden your perspective of life and time and how things will always work out for the better. Not in an instant, but gradually, and not always because you work hard, but because you let things go and let things come to you. 

10. Radical Self-Acceptance Meditation (16 min)

Use this radical (self)acceptance meditation to radically accept all of who you are right now, where you are right now and what you are right now. Step out of the rat race and stop resisting the present moment. Go from non-acceptance to acceptance and wake up to all the love, light and magic that life has to offer. 

11. Healing Music – Healing Grief: Crystal child (16 min)

The healing journey ‘Crystal child’ is an intuitively created meditation and piece of art with spoken word, poetry, music and song to help you get into a state of relaxation and receptivity, and to heal your broken heart, your sorrow and your grief. 

12. Healing journey Self-love: An (un)lovable story (15 min)

Dive deeper into the subject and feeling of self-love with this healing journey. Discover which deficiency stories are living inside of you. Transform those stories and free yourself from the burden of not feeling worthy of love. Alchemize your wounds and transform non-acceptance into a radical self-acceptance. The most freeing feeling there is! 


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