Overcome Procrastination – Parts Work & Integration Exercise (+/- 60 min)


This Procrastination Exercise helps you to understand why you procrastinate, feel the suppressed emotions that are behind this behavior, and overcome it.

Make contact with the part inside of you that resists taking action or creating change, learn why it’s here, what its goal is, and what the underlying emotions or fears are that want to be felt, held, released and integrated. Learn what the resistance part needs to take a step back, and make contact with the part inside of you that feels empowered to take inspired action.

Duration of the exercise: +/- 60 minutes (duration of the track: 23:51 minutes).

What is an integration exercise? What is parts work? 
When you have experienced emotional or relational trauma as a little child, or any other negative childhood experience, and you felt unsafe and unable to process those events in that moment in time, you probably suppressed parts of your authentic self that felt too unsafe to express and you created other parts to protect these vulnerable parts inside of you. This caused you to fragment or split your psyche and to suppress certain behaviors, aspects, emotions or feelings of yourself. But, subconsciously these suppressed parts are still there and often running the show. They influence or even dictate your behavior, choices, and the way you feel. They are probably the ones holding you back from creating true change, or experiencing true happiness, safety or confidence in your life.

An integration exercise, or a parts work exercise, helps you to understand the different parts that are living inside of you that you have created as a protection mechanism since you were a little child. Doing parts work means making contact with the parts inside of you that cause resistance, and the suppressed (buried) heavy and intense emotions that are behind the resistance. Doing that gives you more insight in why you struggle in certain aspects of your life, and how you can work with the resistance, allow it, release the suppressed emotions, and give yourself what you need to dissolve the resistance, and create lasting change(s) in your life. In this way you 'integrate' all the fragmented parts of your psyche again, shine light on them, and make them one again. The true meaning of healing: becoming one.

How to do an integration exercise, how to do parts work?
Just place yourself in a quiet area where you can't be disturbed, make it yourself comfortable, don't get too warm or too cold, sit down, and press play. In every exercise Myrthe will guide you through the exercise step by step and tell you what to do, when and how. Shortly said you will be asked to invite the resistant part inside of you to 'take over' you and communicate out of that part, as if you are that part: I am resisting this because...

You can do parts in a lot of ways but here are 3 examples:

  1. Put 2 chairs in the room you're in and choose one chair that represents the 'resistant' part. The other chair will represent something else (this differs per exercise, and Myrthe will explain this in the exercise);
  2. Grab some pens and some papers and use different pens and papers to communicate as the different parts;
  3. Sit on your bed and switch positions per different part.

If your purchase the exercise all will be further explained by Myrthe. Good luck!


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