Healing Shame Somatic Exercise (32 min)


Somatic Exercise - Healing Shame

by Myrthe Glasbergen | Sample

In this somatic exercise you will get to know how shame is blocking you in your daily life to express yourself authentically and to create the life you dream of. The exercise takes you all the way back to the first moment that you experienced shame in your life, that day that you decided to never ever feel that feeling again, to suppress it and protect yourself from it. But… by doing that you also suppressed parts of who you truly are, parts that you now so long to express. Parts of you that you have forgotten about because of that. Let’s heal your shame and rediscover who you truly are!

Duration of the exercise: 31:33 minutes

Every meditation, visualization, somatic exercise or any other healing tool from Beyond Psychology contains healing music, poetry, spoken word, sounds and song created by our founder Myrthe Glasbergen.

What is a somatic exercise?
A somatic exercise is a self-inquiry exercise that helps you to observe, investigate, reprogram and heal your subconscious mind and the (negative or traumatic) experiences from your past that are stored in your body. All our somatic exercises contain spoken word, voice healing, music and song and aim to bring you into a receptive and investigative state from which you can understand yourself on a deeper level and heal your suffering at the root.

How to listen to a somatic exercise?
Just place yourself in a quiet area where you can't be disturbed, make it yourself comfortable, don't get too warm or too cold, sit down or lie down and put on some headphones. Close your eyes and surrender to the journey.


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